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Why are we doing ,,save 15%” thing?

We are a small group of holiday home owners,hardworking and honest people, who  decided to make their business more affordable to potential clients and more fair.We passed many security check ups before being listed on travel  sites.We  pay expensive adverts every year to all this travel sites that you found us at . It doesnt seem to be enough for them because  they also charge you (please check the photos below).Probably some fee should be charged but this is too much. It would be much better if our guests could save that money for a day trip with a speed boat, amazing dinners  or simply help your holiday budget .We have no financial interest in this,we just feel it is a right thing to do. Charging you huge fees for providing absolutely nothing,feels  like ripping you off.

As a proof of our our work,please read  comments of our previous satisfied guests.We have collected plenty of them  over the years and are very proud of it. If you  still feel more secured and protected  using any of web sites where we are listed we will completely understand it.We just wanted you to know how much you are actually paying for the holiday vacation house and how much”agencies”take from you. At least email us at info@split-villas.com to help you find cheapest /smallest service fee to book thru if you feel more safe that way .My name is Henry and I am looking forward to respond to your request and help you save money .  We sincerely hope that you understood our intentios because your happiness is our happiness.Thats how things wreally work in long term. 

We highly appreciate  every one of you deciding to stay with us ,weather you book directly with us or thru web sites. Thank you