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We highly recommend visiting CHEVAP, a renowned restaurant located in close proximity to your residence. It has garnered a positive reputation for its exceptionally delicious cuisine amongst patrons. It is recommended to try their signature dish, “Cevap,” which is highly regarded for its delectable taste. We are confident that your experience at CHEVAP will be enlivening and enjoyable.

Restaurant Jure -Its top location by the sea daily fresh fish or local production meatFor reservation call +385951994044 name Ante is the owner .Location

Bili Pivac is local very famous place where if you go just once youll be coming back .They make their own bread and everything they put in it is tasty and local production and of course cheap .Try it you will not regret it .My recommendation is chichen in dough or salat to go .Pizza also fine .Few min from Tomy supermarket just click here

Pizza and other fast food can be ordered from Wolt app that i recommend you download and set adress Mosorska ulica 35 21312 Podstrana as your location Here is qr code for that app .I recommend Cvrčak bar for food

Konoba Nikola is the best fish restaurant in all south part of Croatia. They do not have a regular menu but only what is fresh from that morning .I reccommend house vine bcz also great and cheaper

Local place in Split where you can try something authentic and local .Name is Cevapi with red peper sauce or white from cheese and milk .Its awsome .Its located in here