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Canyoning or River Tubing on Cetina river

Canyoning best for young from 16 to 40

Canyoning is an adventure discipline tailored for thrill-seekers, demanding physical strength, unwavering determination, and proficient swimming abilities to navigate the tumultuous wild rivers.By closely following the skipper’s guidance on when and how to paddle or when to throw yourself onto the raft and hold on tightly, you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting impression in your memory. Our partner, Split Adventure, offers an exclusive discount for our guests. Canyoning on cetina river

River Tubing on Cetina river best for families 

This is a great and unusual way to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Dalmatian hinterland. Fun and relaxing floating through crystal green waters of river Cetina is ideal for all generations. To float in tubes we use quiet parts of the river that are intersected by small rapids and they guarantee true entertainment. The descent down the river is completed with a break for swimming and beverages by choice. Here you can see more details Tubing on cetina 

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